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The Governor's Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) is charged with monitoring and advising the Governor and others with the execution of the State Budget. To achieve this goal, it annually produces several documents dealing with State agency budgets and management plans including: the Executive Budget, the Master List of State Programs, the Federal Funds Report, and the Non-appropriated Funds Report.

OSPB begins collecting budget requests from individual state agencies on September 1, at which point OSPB staff begins analyzing each request and working with the Governor and the Governor's policy staff to develop an executive budget plan for publication and delivery to the Legislature. Arizona Revised Statutes § 35-111 mandates that the Governor's office submit the proposal to the Legislature "every year not later than five days after the regular session of the Legislature convenes", which is on the second Monday of January.

While the preparation of the Executive budget recommendation during the autumn is certainly of paramount importance to the work of OSPB, the agency performs a variety of other functions throughout the year, including:

  • Evaluating legislative budget proposals and preparing Executive negotiation responses.
  • Coordinating and negotiating with the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) and other legislative staff on the preparation of the general appropriations bill and other budget-related bills.
  • Analyzing all bills introduced during the legislative session and detailing for the Governor the anticipated fiscal and operational impact to the state if the bill becomes a law.
  • Instructing and assisting state agencies on how to develop their budget requests by providing them with budget software, classroom instruction, and one-on-one training and assistance by OSPB analysts.
  • Working directly with state agencies throughout the year to address fiscal and operational issues, including monitoring agency funds, forecasting caseload growth, analyzing the impact of state, local and federal government activity, evaluating agency appropriation transfer requests, and ensuring that agencies maximize their use of allotted resources.
  • Instructing and assisting state agencies on how to develop strategic plans by providing software, instruction, and one-on-one assistance by OSPB analysts, including providing a training manual identifying strategic planning criteria specific to state agencies.
  • Maintain the Competitive Government Program and process manual that state agencies are mandated to use when determining whether to privatize part of an agency.
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